Deploying and Managing OpenShift with CloudForms

The following video demonstrates how OpenShift Enterprise can be deployed and managed via CloudForms. Along with the management of the underlying Red Hat Enterprise Linux that OpenShift Enterprise runs on, managing OpenShift Enterprise via CloudForms provides the following key benefits:

  • Automation of OpenShift Enterprise deployments
  • Consistency and Stability of OpenShift Enterprise builds
  • Governance of languages and frameworks available to OpenShift Enterprise users

More information on CloudForms and OpenShift.

3 thoughts on “Deploying and Managing OpenShift with CloudForms

  1. piH says:

    Thanks. Great demo and blog. Keep it going

  2. Rafa says:

    Hi James, pretty neat integration and use case for CF and OpenShift.
    I liked it, and the other demo videos I’ve seen from you about CF.

    Will you be publishing or doing webinars with other aspects of OpenShift and/or CF?

  3. […] If you’d like to see the benefits of using CloudForms to deploy and manage OpenShift Enterprise, read my earlier post which includes a video demonstration. […]

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