Learning by Prototype: Bringing Ansible Tower, OpenShift, CloudForms, and Insights Together

NOTE: This is a prototype for learning and not in any way a roadmap for products!

Just a few days ago I wrote a post showing how we authored an Ansible Tower Integration Guide that builds upon the reference architectures for deploying OpenShift on Amazon Web Services and adds CloudForms and Red Hat Insights to the mix. It also provided a bootstrap mechanism to make turning a fresh instance of Tower into something capable of deploying all those technologies much faster.

Building on that work, we wanted to understand what a compelling user experience might involve for someone that didn’t want to understand the internals of Ansible Tower, but just wanted an infrastructure for application development deployed on a choice of cloud providers. We also wanted to understand the limitations of visualizing all the information from the underlying technologies outside of their own interfaces. For that, we’ve built the labs-console prototype. Here is a simple diagram that shows how these pieces relate.Overview_diagram.png

Here is a quick video demonstration of the labs-console prototype in MP4 or MOV formats. We hope to merge this work into the upstream openshift-ansible-contrib repository in the near future.

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